3PL Logistics and Storage for the High-Tech Industry

Mexico is increasingly positioning itself in the export of high technology, whether parts and structures of airplanes, televisions, smartphones, microprocessors and computer equipment, devices for the medical sector, advanced technologies, etc. In addition to this, the technological adoption within companies is growing, the dynamics of remote work has increased the need for high-tech equipment and cloud solutions.

Mexico is the third largest exporter of high-tech to the U.S.

Insecurity in the country is among the top 3 factors impacting the Supply Chain of consumer and technology industries

Large companies in Mexico have as improvement initiative “the optimization of the logistics network” and “distribution and logistics” within their 3 main priorities

In Amerisa Logistics we know that the information and intellectual property of technology is as important as the products, that is why we protect them with the highest safety standards and their handling is operated by trained personnel to avoid any damage to the merchandise; reducing complaints, returns and shrinkage. We also have:

  • Warehouses guarded 24/7.
  • Delimited areas for high value merchandise.
  • Restricted biometric access.
  • Change of packaging, testing area, labeling and UVA.
  • Interface between your company’s system and ours for accurate inventory control.

We have warehouses in Yucatán and Quintana Roo, favoring the import and export of merchandise; Likewise, the high demand for products in the main tourist area of Mexico is met.

Downtown and Bajío

Warehouses north of Mexico City, Querétaro and Guanajuato to meet the demand in the center of the country and the Bajío area, where the main CEDIS and production plants are located.

Texas, USA

Texas is the ideal location to support all Mexican companies that export products to the United States, we have first-rate warehouses and a distribution network to meet the demand of the American market.

Why hire Amerisa Logistics?

At Amerisa Logistics we understand that each operation has specific needs, which is why we work with a high level of commitment to take your company further. We carry out an in-depth analysis of your entire operation in order to optimize time and costs, which will help you increase the profitability of your company.

Infrastructure and technology.

We have all the technological, technical, material and personnel infrastructure to offer a 100% comprehensive logistics service of international stature with personalized attention for each of our clients.

Experience and accuracy.

We precisely control the inventories of our clients, which avoids losses due to wastage or additional expenses due to errors in the extraction and delivery of the merchandise.

Security and guarantee.

Warehouses that guarantee the safeguarding of your merchandise with a security system with a closed 24/7 surveillance circuit and biometric access. Units equipped with GPS and advanced technology to monitor your cargo at all times.

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  • General Cargo Storage
  • Tax deposit
  • Cross docking
  • Value added
  • Freight transport
  • Customs Clearance
  • Logistics Operations Consulting

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