The logistics partner you choose will provide you with their experience and trajectory,

staying in charge and with the responsibility of the logistics processes, leaving your company the time to focus on the most important thing, your Core   Business.This new partner will give you their expertise, but something that should not be forgotten is that each sector is very different from another. Logistics are not performed in the same way for the automotive sector

that for raw materials; however, they may coincide in some aspects but their management is different.

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In the raw materials industry there is not always a single parameter that indicates how the products will arrive for storage or transport, resulting in a variety of needs and at the same time an infinity of logistics solutions.

About 80% of raw material products are received in bulk, since they are not on pallets, but can come in bags, tanks, boxes or super bags of 1 ton and in turn arrive in different materials such as cardboard or plastic boxes, plastic or aluminum tanks, in other words, a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials.


Raw materials and the logistical challenge

Raw materials is an area that can be complex due to the lack of specialization. Being of utmost importance that your operator can solve your requirements and in turn,  give you the quality in your services, which is only obtained with years of experience; in
Amerisa Logistics, we offer solutions
in various sectors and in the field of raw materials we offer our experience that ranges from polymers, woods, grains, among  chemists.

 Amerisa Logistics has worked for several years in the raw materials sector, where one of the main challenges it has had are the handling specifications.

 To solve the problem it was necessary to standardize operations, create routines, define parameters, invest in technological, material and human equipment suitable for the handling of the product, all depending on its nature, packaging and destination in order to meet the demands of customers and minimize the loss.


Another decisive factor for the fulfillment of the needs of the clients is the infrastructure of Amerisa Logistics that, through its various warehouses strategically located throughout Mexico and the United States, offer to shorten delivery times.

The needs of the sector are variable and in the case of food raw material one of the main characteristics of the raw materials that must be taken care of are the sanitary control permits of products and services. Something very important in the sanitary control is the food grade, because the lack of them can close a warehouse, so it is essential that your logistics operator has the documents that support your ability to handle your products. With the above, it is not a surprise that each material requires standards according to the product.


The competitive advantage that Amerisa Logistics gives its customers are the delivery times, which are given at the time they are required with the security that they will arrive in perfect condition, ready to be transformed or delivered to the next link in the production chain.

We invite you to verify our storage centers and contact one of our specialized advisors   who can provide you with the necessary advice according to your logistical needs.