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Logistics in any company is so important that it usually accounts for more than 30 percent of the total investment, according to the Entrepreneur portal.

For that reason, it’s important to trust your investment so that it can bring you profits. In AMERISA LOGISTICS you will find:

  • Expertise in the storage and distribution of the products of any company
  • Personalized attention, through a single executive
  • 24/7 surveillance of products, through security guards, CCTV and biometric access in our warehouses
  • Technological, technical, material and personnel infrastructure to offer a 100 percent comprehensive logistics service of international stature


Remember that it is useless to increase the number of customers you have, if you are not able to comply in a timely manner with the delivery of orders in the required conditions.

That organization that is able to have a strategic ally such as AMERISA LOGISTICS is able to put itself at an advantage with the rest of its competitors,since we have the following services:

General or Fiscal Cargo Storage:

Modern warehouses for general, fiscal or IMMEX cargo, for the protection and control of your merchandise, without margin of error, during the logistics operation.

Take advantage of the benefits provided by the tax regime to preserve liquidity during your imports.

Cross Docking:

Transfer of goods between units in a fast and cost-effective way. Reduce costs in: storage, distribution, inventory and personnel. We have bulk traspaleo capacity, with forklifts or special machinery.

Cargo Transportation:

Modern fleet equipped with state-of-the-art technology to monitor the cargo throughout the transfer. Our wide range of routes and distribution points give added value to your company. We have different modalities: in land cargo we offer units 1.5 and 3.5 rabon, torton box of 53′, dragging of containers of 20 and 40. Dry or refrigerated cargo.

Added Value:

We understand the specific needs of each operation and help you add value to your product, avoiding risks due to exchange between suppliers.

We offer you marbeteo, labeling, change of packaging, assembly of promotions and other services of light maquila.

Customs Clearance:

We manage, administer and process your import and/or export operations. We carry out legal procedures and calculation of tax rates. For your convenience, we perform door-to-door services, from a single service window.

Logistics Operations Consulting:

We carry out a deep analysis throughout your operation and propose solutions that maximize the profitability of your company, optimizing times and costs in the logistics chain.

Our differentiators by industry


Intelligent logistics for the timely delivery of supplies with Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-in-Sequence (JIS) approach and interface between your company’s system and ours, for accurate inventory control.

We have highly qualified and certified personnel in the automotive industry.

Massive consume

We generate competitive advantages for your company, through an exact control of inventory by expiration date, entry or lot, complementary services such as change of packaging, assembly of promotions, labeling or product reconditioning.

We offer control and distribution table throughout the country in units of any load capacity and reverse logistics.


We have experience in the Order Fullfilment process with accuracy levels above 99.5% in the extraction and delivery of the merchandise with service of international stature.

We provide security of storage, management and assortment of orders, packaging, packaging and labeling of guides and last mile delivery with reports of evidence of delivery (POD).

Raw Materials

We have advanced technology, which allows us to know the precise location of the products, their date of entry, lot, expiration date or any personalized storage necessary for their handling in hygienic and pest-free AAA facilities.

We perform complementary services for repair, change of packaging or presentation.

Chemical industry

We have specialized warehouses, strategically located and with the appropriate infrastructure, as well as certified personnel for the handling of chemical products, which guarantees maximum peace of mind to our customers.

High technology

We know that the information and intellectual property of technology is as important as products, so we protect them with the highest standards of security in warehouses.

We have 24/7 surveillance, delimited areas for high-value merchandise and biometric access to the facilities. We provide services of packaging change, testing area, labeling and UVA among others.

AMERISA LOGISTICS is your choice for logistics operations,so that you have safe, efficient and timely processes. If you require our services with personalized attention, we invite you to contact us.