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The extraction of orders is one of the most important activities in a logistics operation,as it involves labor combined with advanced technology that allows an optimal process and without costly errors.

This link is usually the spearhead for companies to meet the needs of their customers.

To perform a proper order extraction, a well-established process must be met to avoid errors, and Amerisa Logistics has the experience, technology and strength to achieve this:

1.- Receipt of the Product

The proper extraction process begins from the moment the product arrives at the warehouse; this is when the strategic location is assigned and the data and characteristics of the product to be safeguarded are saved in the WMS.

2.- Location and exact information of the product

Companies, in order to manage their orders properly, must have the ability to have accurate information about the quantity and location of the merchandise to be delivered (which is registered in the WMS).

3.- Extraction request

This is when the customer makes the request with the specifications of the product they want to extract. This step involves time and knowledge about the position the product is in to optimize order picking times and delivery.

4.- Verification process (3 review points)

The proper verification process should be very thorough to avoid errors that could affect profit margins:

4.1 When locating the product, the information contained on the label must be validated with the help of the infrared reader to be sure that it is the correct product.

4.2 In the order extraction area, a second review must be carried out (this process is executed by a control table) where it is validated that the order is complete and that each product is the one requested.

4.3 Finally, when the product is loaded in transport,check against the output sheet that it is the product and quantity indicated.

5.- Final extraction

Success in the delivery accuracy of the goods ensures that our product is on time within reach of the end customer and reduces reverse logistics costs, increasing the marginal contribution to your company.

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Amerisa Logistics technology can operate, manage and control every step of the logistics chain,minimizing errors in the operation cycle and allowing the localization of the product at any stage of the process with accurate results in real time.

They are useful tools for our strategic partners,which optimize their commercial and operational operations, generating considerable savings in the control and management of physical inventories, such as:


It is a software application that supports the daily operations of a warehouse. WMS programs allow centralized management of tasks, such as tracking inventory levels, stock location, and merchandise movement history.


Application developed for the management   of the transport operation,allows to have the traceability of the merchandise at all times,providing greater security in the transfers and avoid delays in the deliveries due to deviation of routes.

If you are interested in your company having an adequate extraction of orders with advanced technology,which enhances the productivity of your company and retains yourcustomers, contact the experts of Amerisa Logistics to receive free advice.