One of the main forms of commerce that exist in today’s world are retail sales or retail sales, where the product is purchased directly in a physical store or through a simple click in an online store.

To be able to carry out the specialization in a successful retail, it is necessary to have a good logistics process that can solve the needs of the client, since basically, the logistics provider is responsible for the entire process, from the reception of the product, store the product, make the preparation of all the packages (Pick & Pack) and then make the deliveries.

 A very important detail in the case of retail, is that alldeliveries are by appointment, where logistics is vital, since a company that is dedicated to the field can not be successful without a great logistics and as previously mentioned, the preparation of the order is an important part of the functions of the logistics operator.


Retail logistics is very dynamic and offers little flexibility according to the accuracy with which it is handled, with advance planning and a lot of versatility where time is crucial for the operation.

To have a logistics provider that can support you in your retail requirements, something very important is the experience, due to the complexity involved in the preparation of orders.

In the case of

Amerisa Logistics

in this area, it has an experience of more than 6 years, in which one of the main challenges it has faced is the accuracy in the preparation of the order, as well as compliance with the fill rate.

To meet the requirements  of nature  of this operation, the main action applied by Amerisa Logistics, was to have a  99.8% fill rate, in which it is the minimum acceptable for the company, to achieve this it is necessary to rely on technology that helps avoid human errors to meet the established times, this through the use of a WMS  

(Warehouse Management System), as well as the inspired lean manufacturing system Poka Yokes and the 5’s.

The most difficult thing to handle is not the product itself, but the preparation mixture in which they can be at least 20 products, where the required personnel will depend on the operation that is carried out.

The competitive advantages offered by Amerisa Logistics as a retail specialist is the development of procedures for the use of three filters which consist of, first, when extracting the product, second, the preparation of the product and as a third, the audit at the foot of the platform. Within these advantages also consists of having its own fleet and creating logistics  

commercial relationships for outsourced services. An advantage for which Amerisa Logistics stands out is the implementation of KPIs that measure the Fill Rate, OTIF,the accuracy of order preparation

By outsourcing your logistics operation in retail can help you save money between 12% and 18% compared to making your own operation. That is, the vehicles are used 100%, however, this does not mean that the entire vehicle is rented, but that, outsourcing its operation you will only pay for the space occupied. This process produces benefits for you; cost reduction and positive results.

Now the obligatory question,   Is your company getting the necessary results in retail? if not, I invite you to schedule a call that   can provide you with the advice to achieve success. 

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*Information collected through interviews conducted in April to:

Ing. Willey Hadad ≪Commercial Manager for Amerisa Logistics≫  

Ing. Remy Guyot ≪Director of Operations for Amerisa Logistics≫