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Companies can save economic resources and trigger their growth if they have an optimal and real-time management of their inventory.

An inventory is the amount of products that a company has,which have the possibility of being sold, in favor of economic profits. In addition, it serves to have a documentary testimony of the financial status of the company.

Having adequate inventory control allows, according to

  • Ability to make key decisions based on hard data
  • Control of inventory fluctuation
  • Know when you need to buy specific merchandise that sells faster


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Thanks to this, companies are able to optimize their financial resources, with intelligent, accurate purchases, according to the dynamics of the market and the temporality in which certain products are sold more easily.

we cite specific aspects
in which you can optimize costs, through proper inventory management:

Goodbye to ant theft. Know exactly how much and where the products are. Accurate inventory control and cyclical counts will prevent your merchandise from disappearing without a trace.

Know the availability of the product. Sellers and managers will know exactly what merchandise they have in stock for sale with immediate delivery.

Forget about unnecessary purchases. Keep up to date the precise existence of each stored product and prevent money from getting stuck.

Satisfied customers. Improve delivery service, precise location of products helps reduce assortment and distribution times.

Reduce shrinkage. Having a control by lot, expiration date or FIFO will give the correct rotation of the inventory and will prevent you from throwing the money in the trash.


How to get real-time inventory control?

AMERISA LOGISTICS, an expert company in Logistics with more than 1200 satisfied customers, has a Warehouse Management System or WMS with state-of-the-art technology and trained personnel to operate it.

The benefits of having this service are:

  • Management of orders in a timely manner.
  • Automation of the process of exit and entry of the merchandise, with reduction of errors.
  • Accuracy in inventory status (quantity, expiration dates, lots, weight, etc.)
  • Less time in operational management.


In case you are interested in improving the inventory management of your company and saving economic resources that enhance its growth, contact an expert from AMERISA LOGISTICS, who will gladly give you advice.