Making the most of all the benefits that a service, product or in this case a distribution network can offer, is not an easy task, since total and integral knowledge of it is required. This knowledge is acquired with the experience given by the years as well as with the capacity of both infrastructure and personnel that operates all the processes that make it up. To achieve this it is not necessary that you embark on a logistics adventure to have all the elements, it will only be necessary to have a

logistics ally

that meets those essential requirements to maximize your distribution network.


This does not mean that if we have a department dedicated to distribution we can not have a business partner that supports us in certain processes within the supply chain, but on the contrary, it can be the trigger for the growth of your business since there are multiple reasons to outsource the process. If you want to know more about the subject I invite you to click here.

If after reading the reasons for outsourcing your distribution, you’re ready to take the next step, it’s important to know the

3PL best practices

that include:

  1. Identify needs.
  2. Review the contract according to your requirements.
  3. Have a performance measurement and management model.
  4. Give the right direction to the relationship.
  5. Promote continuous improvement.


The analysis of resources and the correct use of them are the way to maximization, since it is not only about the issue of transport and distribution but also about storage systems. In other words, it’s about the entire supply chain. It should be noted that maximization gives way to

customer satisfaction,

by providing better results to the consumer.


5 steps to analyze your distribution network 

1.- Make an analysis with the specialists in the distribution. It is always important that when making decisions you have as much information as possible. In this case, those in charge of the distribution process know and know the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the network.

2.- Define the scope and limitations of the network. To have the data in this section you have to know where the business is headed, know if the infrastructure is correct to be able to provide the service in a professional way. 

3.- Perfect the procedures. If the procedures already exist, we must find the points of opportunity to perfect it, increasing the strengths and giving solutions to the weaknesses that we have.

4.- Set goals. Without a path to follow there is no way to achieve the objectives, but already with clear goals everyone involved will know what are the functions they need to perform to achieve customer satisfaction. 

5.- Technology. The use of technology will always help maximize all processes, since they avoid human errors, as well as the downtime that can be generated during the process, being important to be at the forefront of innovations.


Achieving all of the above is not a day’s work, it is a process in which advice is required to be able to realize it. If there are still doubts, the important thing is to have the

right support

that provides integral solutions.