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In a market as competitive as it is today, the role played by a logistics operation is vital for the profitability, development and growth of any company regardless of its size or industry.

And for these objectives to be met 100% it is essential that the planning, control and execution of a logistics operation are completely optimized and with efficient operating costs so that companies can concentrate on sales and thereby increase their profits.

Amerisa Logístics
we carry out comprehensive, profitable logistics operations with well-defined processes; therefore, we want to share with you some key points that you should consider if you are looking to reduce the costs of your logistics chain:

1.- Count on state-of-the-art technology

Investing in technology that facilitates the precise control of inventory, the extraction of orders and allows the traceability and monitoring of distribution routes, is an investment that in addition to being profitable for your company,will project a more professional and reliable image to your customers.


2.- Hire highly qualified personnel

In a logistics operation, human errors directly impact its profitability. Poor product handling and late deliveries can decrease customer retention by 30%.

Therefore, it is key that within your work team you have certified personnel and in constant training to optimally operate the machinery, technology and logistics processes you implement.

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3.- Precise inventory control

Having precise control of what is in the warehouse is the basis for good logistics performance. When the exact location of the stored product is known, the extraction process decreases its error rate by 2.5% and the order fulfillment is made up to 90% faster.


4.- Efficient costs with intelligent routes

Supported by the technology of a TMS,you can design efficient routes to avoid unnecessary expenses and risks due to deviations that can lead to erroneous deliveries or even theft of merchandise. Maintain constant traceability of merchandise throughout the route, control delivery times and improve customer satisfaction with accurate and smooth deliveries.


5.- Implement the right KPIs

Something that is not measured cannot be improved, so in the logistics industry implementing KPIs is key to driving optimal operational performance; in that sense, identify which are the points that should be evaluated by area and define the best performance indicator to be used.

By evaluating appropriate KPIs you will be able to better manage the performance of your work team, as well as your systems and therefore implement continuous improvement in your logistics processes.


If you are looking to reduce the costs of your operation and drive the growth of your company substantially,

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