At Amerisa Logistics we have extensive experience in the import and marketing of wines and spirits in Mexico. Our comprehensive service (360°) is characterized by offering customers a series of advantages and benefits.

Below we present the important benefits offered by Amerisa Logistics in the import and marketing of wines and spirits in Mexico:

Import Benefits with Amerisa Logistics

  • Integral logistics service:from customs procedure to the final delivery of the product(single intermediary).
  • Centralized Fiscal Control Module:all tax administration from a single point.
  • Human capital trained in customs tax issues.
  • Inventory control:receipt by lot and expiration date, and 100% reflection between what is declared in the SAT portal and what is protected by Amerisa Logistics.


Marketing Benefits with Amerisa Logistics

  • Marking and relabeling service for large quantities of products, with skilled labor.
  • We have tax warehouses (more than 20 thousand square meters) and we offer the service of Accredited Verification Units (UVA).
  • Adequate storage: temperature, light and humidity control, as well as limited movement management.
  • We have an extensive land distribution network:Extensive fleet, from motorcycles to transport of cargo boxes.


Comprehensive security throughout the process

At Amerisa Logistics we use the highest safety standards, from the beginning to the end of the service:

  • Tracking of sea containers.
  • Review that the seals of the containers have not been violated.
  • Taking pictures throughout the process.
  • All our platforms are protected by HD video cameras.
  • Implementation of biometric access and identification with badges.
  • Warehouses protected by cameras, alarms and 24/7 surveillance.
  • Strict control during extractions and at the time of loading for distribution.
  • GPS monitoring during ground transportation of the product.
  • Delivery of POD(Proof Of Delivery)in less than 48 hours.


Simply put, optimizing the time, cost and distribution of products are the main objectives with which we meet. Due to our extensive experience, at Amerisa Logistics nothing is improvised.