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To have an adequate control of the inventory, it is necessary to use key metrics that indicate the performance of your merchandise, so that you can make decisions that positively impact your sales.

presents the Key Performance Indicators or KPIs that will help you to perfectly analyze the situation of your inventory, which contains the assets that will drive your company towards growth.

Efficiency and assortment time

It is an indicator that has to do with the control of the articles: where to locate each object, that there are no errors about the location of the pieces, which avoids costs for loss of precision.

You can know what is selling more, the control points, that everything that enters and leaves has a record where you can measure accurately, with place, time and date.

Merchandise rotation

With this data, it will be easy for you to determine if your product is sold with the speed that is required or you have to adjust the sales strategy or change merchandise.

It should be taken into account that if a merchandise or spends too much time on the shelves, it can represent a frozen asset and be considered as a loss or loss, because it is an obsolete item.

Inventory effectiveness

A figure that indicates the profit margin or Return on Investment (ROI) that your product has generated when it goes on sale. It is useful for you to determine two situations:

  1. 1. The price of the commodity to obtain a profit according to the investment.
  2. 2. If the initial investment yielded the expected results or if it is necessary to take action on the matter.

Cargo documentation

It has to do with the documentation that goes hand in hand with the delivery, because it is known when, how and at what time the merchandise was received. It serves for a clear administration, having a precise support.

Remote inventory control

You can tell if the merchandise is available for sale in real time. Orders can also be processed and ordered, as well as tracked, through a mirror account. 

Warehouse Management System (WMS)
that allows companies and businesses to have control and administration of their inventory.

Thus, customers obtain reports that will help them calculate their sales and stock, through its Sales Planning and Projection Department (S&OP).

Thanks to these functions, logistics processes become much more agile, to satisfy customer demands.

If you are interested in carrying out an optimal management of your inventory to save resources and have data that leads you to make the best decisions, contact the experts of AMERISA LOGISTICS to receive advice about our services.