The evolution of logistics processes and the improvement of the technologies used for this industry have not achieved that the margin of error remains the main factor for companies to spend significant amounts of money, which can sometimes be additional costs that increase the value of products by up to 30%.

Therefore, in Amerisa Logistics we share some points that you should avoid to considerably reduce the margin of error in your logistics operation and thereby make a more efficient supply chain that allows you to increase your profits.

  • Constantly train your staff

To reduce the margin of error, it is essential that the personnel involved in the logistics operation are 100% trained to optimally execute the actions entrusted. Also, think about measurement systems to evaluate your performance.

Keep in mind that training should be about the processes you establish, the technology used, and the operational tools.

And to properly measure post-training performance, you need to implement KPIS’s, because what is not measured is not improved.

  • Use state-of-the-art technology

Today the role that technology plays in supply chains is vital. Using software for warehouse control as well as for transport will considerably reduce the margin of error.

But remember that misused technology will not cover the company’s goals; therefore, it is essential that in the use of these tools there must be adequate automation, avoid manual errors, traceability of the merchandise at all times, total control.

  • Understand your customers’ needs perfectly

Understanding what your customer wants is a fundamental starting point to reduce the margin of error in your logistics chain. By doing so, you will know perfectly what the objectives are, what the scope of the project has and understand the needs of the position; this will help you develop processes that favor the operation and meet the needs without increasing logistics costs.

  • Constantly optimize your logistics processes

A very common mistake is to leave aside the updating of your logistics processes. Therefore, constantly reviewing the daily operation will directly impact its performance. By doing so you will have clearly identified where the small negative details are.

Establishing processes, measuring results, continuous improvement, new processes, implementation and periodic measurement are cyclical procedures to achieve the highest operational efficiency.

Remember that reducing the margin of error in a logistics operation begins from the correct reception of the product and for this Amerisa Logistics has the experience to make your logistics process a profitable investment and with great income for your company.