For any company, no matter its size or industry, the logistics process accounts for almost a third of total operating costs. The storage, transportation, packaging, distribution of product are vital activities for organizations to have sustained and stable growth.

However, if there are deficiencies in any of these activities, economic losses can impact up to 30% on the profitability of the company; In addition, there are also external factors (economic, cultural and social) that can make the negative impact even greater.

Therefore, it is key to be aware of the impact that logistics management has on the operational and economic performance of any company. An example of this is that increasing the number of customers does not mean that the specific needs of each of them can be met.

And it is that if companies increased the attention in their logistics processes, they would be able to improve their delivery times up to 12 or 15%. In that sense, it is a priority to understand the business and the objectives of each client, which will become a greater probability of subsisting compared to the rest of your competitors.

To achieve the above, you must design optimization strategies for your logistics chain and thereby achieve that your business takes a path of success and growth. Below
Amerisa Logistics
shares with you some tips that will be vital for you to achieve these goals:

  • Manage your warehouse:
    To optimize your logistics processes in the best way, you can perfectly control the stock in your warehouse; and, by having this control you can start working on improvement and development plans.

  • Organize your team:
    In many cases, optimizing the costs of a logistics operation requires nothing more than a good organization. This means that your team must have good inventory control, organize the warehouse and full knowledge of what enters and leaves the product.

  • Convey effective communication:
    Having effective communication with your team, customers and suppliers will allow you to have a broad overview of what is failing in your logistics process and how to correct it almost immediately.

  • Do periodic analyses:
    It is vital that you and your collaborators perfectly locate at what stage of the supply chain the key point of your customer’s business is located. This will be identified by performing periodic analysis and monitoring of your operation.

  • Implement management indicators:
    Implementing KPIs is essential for your team, regardless of the area, to have feedback that helps them respond quickly, effectively and efficiently to the needs of each of their clients.

  • Have transparency at all times:
    Don’t wait for a customer to complain and always have a clear and objective view of what’s going on; have truthful and timely information to resolve any risk situation.


It is important to emphasize that the success of these strategies also depends on the staff working in your company being really specialists for each stage of your operation: from import, transport, warehouse, added value and distribution.

Optimizing your company’s logistics processes efficiently and effectively will depend on how well you identify areas of opportunity that impact your company’s productivity.

If you are looking for integral solutions in logistics processes, approach
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and let us help you identify what your company really needs and together we will be able to lead it to constant success.