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According to INEGI, Mexico exports 289 billion dollars annually tothe United States; and in that sense, manyMexican companies thatalready export their food to the United States face various challenges that put their profitability and / or line of business at risk.

What challenges do companies that export their food to the United States face?

1.- Manage an adequate distribution network: An important advantage of having an experienced logistics provider is that with defined processes you can reduce time and costs to get to the place where you need.

In addition, the logistics of your merchandise will be a simple and efficient process; which will allow you to focus on growing your business.

2.- Strategic location: A warehouse   with a strategic location will optimize distribution     costs, reduce delivery times and favor the movement of your product in the market. In addition, a location close to sea or air ports can streamline and reduce freight import costs.

3.- Have a food grade warehouse: The fact that your logistics operator has a certified warehouse will guarantee you the peace of mind of exporting any type of food. This will prevent the rejection of the product for damage or avoid some type of shrinkage.


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