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The Warehouse Management System (WMS)

is a computer tool that drives warehouse efficiency by directing and controlling physical inventory.

In addition, it offers the ability to obtain
the precise data of the stored products in real time,
to know the factors necessary for their optimal operation.

Warehouse Management is crucial for the precise control of the goods, without errors or shortages. In this way, customers obtain reports that will help them calculate their sales and stock, through their Sales Planning and Projection Department (S&OP).

Thanks to these functions, logistics processes become much more agile, to satisfy customer demands.

What advantages does your company get with WMS?

AMERISA LOGISTICS has a robust WMS that allows to provide a logistics service of international stature, thanks to the
latest technology and trained personnel,
who provide personalized and professional attention.

The benefits of having our services are the following:

  • Advanced
    and top-notch solution for order management in a timely manner

  • Reduction of errors
    in the assembly and assortment of orders, with
    automation of the process
    of arrival and departure of the merchandise

  • Precision
    in the control of your inventories: quantities, expiration dates, lots, colors, weight, FIFO, FEFO, LIFO or in the way that your operation requires it

  • Real-time visibility
    of your inventory from anywhere through a mirror account

  • Reduced time
    in inventory processes

What do I need to control my inventory with the WMS?

The technology offered by AMERISA LOGISTICS
is compatible with most operating systems and ERP’s that are currently used. The liaison process is done between IT departments, the benefits you can get are:

  • Precise control of your inventory
  • Reduced order preparation time
  • Greater efficiency in your deliveries

AMERISA LOGISTICS is your choice for logistics operations,
so that you have safe, efficient and timely processes.

If you require our General Cargo Storage service in Mexico, we invite you to fill out the form on our contact page

and you will receive specialized advice.