2017 comes with a bland, and this year it is important to be prepared for the latest product trends that worldwide companies are developing for this new year, and because of this, getting to have a hands-on experience with them can help reduce risks of investing in something that your market won’t adapt or live before everyone else what will be the biggest trend this year.

Because of this we’ve compiled a list of five trade fairs, considered the best ones in their business, so export managers around the globe can organize a trip or be aware of the networks surrounding their area.


ISM 2017

Where: Cologne, Germany

When: January 29th – February 1st 2017

Chocolates, candy and the best treats will be available in ISM 2017, the year’s most delicious trade fair.

With a history that has over 40 years, ISM is the most important annual date for all sweet-related makers, but don’t think this is a small convention. The 2017 edition already has over 2,000 confirmed exhibitors.

Based on what has happened during previous years, this opportunity isn’t just about showing the latest innovations in how to make the Candy, but also for the world’s most well-known brands to show their latest inventions and to talk about business, distribution and chain acquisition with all attendees.


MAGIC Las Vegas

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: February 21-23th 2017

Not every single import has to be in bulk and in large quantities. Exclusiveness offers a sales opportunity, and because of this a good look of what this year will offer in terms of fashion is the first towards being a trend setter

MAGIC Las Vegas is considered the event that imposes what will be “in” this year. This clothing trade fair offers a room for most distributors to show the lines they have planned for this year, along with other instances held in Paris and New York.

This event is composed of stores and communities that will open as a big store, but at the same time multiple instances will be offered for importers so they can know new brands, networks and the different representative to talk about business opportunities.


The Canton Fair (广交会)

Where: Guangzhou, China

When: April 15–19 (Phase 1), April 23–27 (Phase 2), May 1–5 (Phase 3)

China is the biggest source of products in the world, and because of this being up to date with what they’re offering can make or create your importing strategies this new year.

The Canton Fair is the largest and most important trade fair in the country, where during their three phases different products are offered, which go from electronics and automobiles in its first dates, consumable goods and gifts in its second and medicines and recreational items in the last one.

Although most of buyers are from Asia, they have special sectors where foreign attendees can make deals with exhibitors.


Día de la Alianza del Pacífico 2017

Where: Ciudad de México, México

When: April 28th 2017

Starting in 2011, the Pacific Alliance (Alianza del Pacífico) was formed by Chile, Colombia, México and Perú having an economic growth in mind by opening an instance that promotes the goods, services and models of each country and puts at service for the rest while also enabling better distribution services between countries.

Because of this the Día de la Alianza del Pacífico (Pacific Alliance Day) was born, an opportunity for importers and distributors to know the products that all these countries are offering to the world, where they can know and try their typical products, latest innovations and main export goods they’re offering that year with the offer to arrange a commercial agreement.

Besides tourism and raw materials being offered, local entrepreneurs and developers are also invited to show foreign investors their own products so they can grow and show their unique style and methods.



Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: October 31th – Nov 2, 2017

One of the most important days for those who deal with automobiles, AAPEX offers its attendees one of the biggest offers in products related to card, trucks and everything that goes on wheels, from parts, accessories, tools and services related to distribution and logistics.

Co-organized by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), whose 23,000 members and affiliate companies manufacture, distribute, sell and install motor vehicle parts, this trade fair offers everything a distributor needs to know about the better deals and technology in this business.

In its 2016 version, AAPEX 2016 opened its doors for over 115,000 attendees from with exhibitors from over 30 countries and its success was outstanding, prompting the organization to confirm future instances of the fair every year up until 2020.

Do you wish to know about the most important trade fairs of a specific business? Leave a comment and we will help you find one.