We live in a highly-interconnected world, in which communication between individuals, companies and governments is vital. Humanity since the Industrial Revolution has evolved technologically by leaps and it´s common to see how technologies have become obsolete over the years.

All sectors have had to globalize to avoid their disappearance, including storage, which has been transformed to offer solutions that satisfy the customer through new technologies that will be the future of warehousing.

The E-commerce has generated a new area of opportunity for various sectors, being indispensable to have storage centers in strategic points around the planet, to meet the requirements of approximately 22% of the world population that buys through the internet and generates $ 1.9 trillion in 2016.


Global transportation is diversifying to find the combination of rail, sea and road transport, in which there is great competition for price and quality, reaching $ 876 billion dollars in the United States despite the contraction of the sector, there main bets for the future are the automation of the transport and satellite location to optimize routes.

“Service chains will be more important than product chains. Increasingly, consumers demand more from pre- and post-sale service, in most business sectors it´s perceived that the product is only a means to be in the market, with little profit margin. ” – Jordi Cuello González, Operations Manager Tradisa Logic Petrol.

In storage, robotizing and the use of software has left its mark in the world, providing better results through mechanization and prioritization of work, a clear example is Amazon that since 2015 uses robots for the logistics centers to provide their Prime service in various countries around the world.

One of the ingredients for Amazon’s success is their logistics centers around the world, so it´s important to have the experience and support in this area.

In Mexico, Amerisa Logistics currently has several warehouses and distribution centers in addition to a wide range of services such as WMS (Warehouse Management System) that provides support in the handling of goods and inventories, optimizing costs and decreasing up to 45% in downtime added to the experience of having provided the service to 183,000 shipments.

The main warehouse of the company is located in Tultitlán in the State of Mexico, located in a “AAA” logistics park, in an area with an ideal climate for the storage of goods, easy connection to different distribution points of the center and metropolitan area, easy access to major highways such as Pachuca, Puebla, Toluca, Cuernavaca, Tepotzotlán, etc., with a storage area of 6,300 m² and a planned expansion in early August of another 2,500 m² of available warehouse for projects and clients.

Another strategic point is the warehouse located in Merida, Yucatan, which has 4.6 hectares of land between warehouse and a maneuver yard, 24/7 security, CCTV, loading / unloading platforms, etc., strategically located on the periphery of the city, providing easy access to cargo transportation units and containers as well as the roads that connect Quintana Roo, Campeche, Tabasco and the Port of Progreso, Yucatan which is only 38.7 km away offering the possibility of maritime connectivity.

¿Does your company have the right logistic service to face the future? It´s time to act, the world moves at a fast pace, the first step is to go with the experts to guide you along the way and take that leap to new technologies that will give your company a place in the future.



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