One of the current priorities in the world is connectivity and in the business world is a high priority; the company that has the proper connections to distribute and transport your product will have advantages over which not, there lies the importance of logistics.

There are places that, thanks to its strategic location, have all the logistic advantages, providing connectivity to transport products to different places; This offers an added value to the companies, being the case of Houston, Texas in the United States.


¿Why the importance of Houston? It is due to many factors such as being the 4th most important city in the United States; It has an airport system (George Bush Intercontinental Airport, William P. Hobby Airport and Ellington Airport), the Port of Houston that is the first in the U.S. in relation to foreign tonnage with 30.5 million tons of cargo handled and more than 2.1 million TEUs per year; provides excellent access to markets outside the region through its roads and rail network, the metropolitan area alone consists of 575.4 miles of highways being the intersection point for interstate highways as well as the I-69 NAFTA route, a super highway that will connect Canada to the central industrial zone of the United States, Texas and Mexico.


Supply Chain

Houston is a hub in the U.S. supply chain. This is a fact to consider because the field of supply chain management is expected to grow 22% over the next five to seven years.

Against this background, we can see the importance of management systems in order to keep the supply chain healthy, with four of its main advantages:

1) Quality insurance, quality techniques are integrated to improve operations.
2) Reserve of inventories, certain reserve levels are incorporated by default according to historical trends.
3) Shipping options, systems help companies determine optimal ways to ship and reduce costs.
4) Mitigation of risks, software allows to identify the risk factors within the company or its suppliers.

All of the above, allows a better delivery of services to the customer, as well as being supported by a system that works and achieves success in a market as competitive as the U.S.

The Ally Choice

“With the current talent gap in the supply chain industry, it´s important that we continue our efforts to plan and have the next generation of supply chain professionals,”, said Rick Blasgen, President & CEO of CSCMP.

These statements are important because, when there´s a wide variety of suppliers, it´s important to choose the right company to outsource to a new market, so this decision can satisfy customer demand and offer benefits.

As previously mentioned, Houston offers a gateway to the United States and from there to the world, to achieve an integral and efficient transit of your air, sea and land shipments, it´s important to have an ally with the necessary experience.

Amerisa Global Logistics is your partner in Houston, as it will provide you the Contract Logistics & LATAM Consulting service that your company needs, reach out to our consultants who will guide you on the growth of your organization.

¿Does your company have the right logistic service to face the future? It´s time to act, the world moves at a fast pace, the first step is to go with the experts to guide you along the way and take that leap to new technologies that will give your company a place in the future.



¿What type of logistics services does your company need to manage it´s inventory? Send us your comments and suggestions.