In business there are no marriages but there are alliances; outsourcing of services is the perfect example of these partnerships, companies become the companions of battles in order to provide the best product or service.

However, the question pop´s out “Is it the one? In the logistics industry this decision does not become simpler it becomes more complex. To outsource your logistics operations you have to put all your trust in the “chosen one”, It´s essential to remember that there are tasks in which you do not have all the necessary experience to give the customer what he needs.


The purpose of this blog is to create a simple guide on how to select the best logistics partner for you and how it´s experience, knowledge of the industry and support will offer lots of benefits to your company.

Thanks to quality of it´s services, consulting, support and experience of the logistics operator, your company can focus on what it really needs: it´s core business.

In a union of this type, adaptability is one of the most important parts, one example of this can be seasonal and stock products; depending on the situation, the company will require more or less space in storage or transportation to satisfy the customer needs.

Risks in this case are reduced because outsourcing involves not to worry about labor issues, capital investment on equipment, property and transportation. 

Have you ever heard that relationships make us grow? Well they do! In these alliances both parties grow, Why? Very simple, as the company expands to new territories, the logistics operator will do it together to meet the needs of it´s partner; the expansion increases the accuracy of the logistics processes.

However, there are other types of benefits that are acquired in outsourcing, like profitability. Cost savings contribute to one of the most vital business premises.

Among the multiple savings we can mention: lowering freight costs through better truck utilization; saving costs in working hours by eliminating the task of searching, quoting or buying from suppliers.

Scott Stone, Marketing Director of Cisco-Eagle, mentions that the reduction of inventory costs is a striking point since according to a review of APQC data for a company with revenues of 5 billion dollars this represents savings of 505 million dollars.

This blog is not intended to be a definitive guide but a series of basic considerations for you to choose your ideal logistics partner. In order to achieve the best possible alliance, you must be informed and above all remember that to trust your logistics operator is vital.

Amerisa Logistics offers excellent infrastructure for your logistics operations, proven experience and the best quality processes. Our work speaks for ourselves.

¿Does your company have the right logistic service to face the future? It´s time to act, the world moves at a fast pace, the first step is to go with the experts to guide you along the way and take that leap to new technologies that will give your company a place in the future.



¿What type of logistics services does your company need to manage it´s inventory? Send us your comments and suggestions.