Locally, companies face periods of overflow to supply leading industries in Mexico. They face a severe inventory management issue and look for distribution and warehousing services in third party logistics suppliers. So, where to find warehousing companies in Mexico that eases up the movement of freight transport? We recommend considering the strategic locations brought in Tultitlán, north of Mexico City.

It is critical to find spaces and volumes according to the requirements of the company, at affordable prices and with high-quality standards. Not only that, the response times of a supply chain operator must be quick, with effective route planning within the region and into Mexico City, undoubtedly, one of the most cluttered urban areas on the planet.

About Tultitlán

In Mexico, there are many industrial parks with different types logistics and warehousing services. Just in Mexico City there are nearly a hundred parks distributed through the entire metropolitan area

Tultitlán is one of 125 municipalities in the state of Mexico.

According to the Mexican Enterprise Information System (SIEM), it is one of the areas in Mexico City with the largest projections and growth in its industrial parks. The district alone concentrates over 600 companies of many types and sizes, in construction, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and distribution.

Ease of road access

For the Mexico City Office of Public Information, “for its population, industry, and trade, Tultitlán is the most important of this region.”In fact, within the entire metropolitan area of Mexico City, officials value that this sector has “a land infrastructure that allows the communication with the west, central and north region of the country.” It improves Access to locations such as Ciudad Juárez, Pachuca, Nuevo Laredo and  Veracruz, provides easier access to the Gulf of Mexico and Tehuantepec.

That was key to its amazing industrial growth.

Regarding highways its industrial parks have a series of strategic access:

  • To the Mexico City Urban Area, it has access to the northern, eastern and southern urban highways (Autopista Urbana Norte, Poniente and Sur) and the Viaducto Bicentenario, a turnpike connecting the outer and central rims of the city.
  • The Circuito Exterior Mexiquense (Mexico’s outer rim highway) improves a faster movement to and from other important industrial areas, such as Puebla, in the south, and Querétaro, in the north, bypassing saturated legs of the journey and then linking the México Querétaro.
  • To the east, the Autopista México Toluca helps freight cargo move away bypassing the urban Mexico City.

These highways significantly diminish the amount of traffic to and from Mexico City and its neighboring regions.

The values of a fair climate

Mexico City has an unpredictable environment. It has a mild, but wet weather, with over 80% average humidity. It is important to take care of the conditions of humidity and temperature of certain products in transportation, A critical factor for the supply chain is the temperature control both within warehouses, trucks and its surrounding environment.

In industrial areas such as Querétaro, the temperature can reach up to  32° C and a 24° C average, with 250 mm of rain in July. In Tultitlán it doesn’t go over 27°C, with a mean temperature of 18° C.,  and an average rainfall that doesn’t go above 135 mm in July.

Pending services: synergy with transportation

Those who look for warehousing in Mexico mustn’t forget a major factor: transportation  logistics. Despite the variety of services in its industrial parks, not all of them work in sync with truck fleets. According to the Mexican Office of Public Information, even though there are some companies dedicated to transportation, most companies work out of other districts, reducing efficiency.

That is why it is advisable to look for warehousing services that are in sync with supply chain transportation logistics in Tultitlán and its surrounding area.

Are you looking for suitable locations for transportation and distribution, logistics and warehousing in Mexico? Check here how this industrial center matches the needs of your supply chain.


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