Imagine for a moment a boat without a rudder, it´s not difficult to know that the sea will lead you to finally drift. In the Supply Chain process it´s very important to have the right information and always be aware of the latest trends in warehousing and the logistics industry, this combined with an accurate direction will be the road to success.

Warehouse Magament is a process that is integrated by different activities, which have been evolving over the years, originally focused only in management and maintenance of goods of an specific space. Today, with all the latest trends it has become a valuable part of the supply chain.

Better management in the warehousing process means having a logistics partner with a wide experience and trajectory that can support the operational infraestructure and processes.

A logistics operator involves using an external company to carry out the logistical tasks that have traditionally been carried out inside the company. Marasco  

Logistics partners are always encouraged to grow your business, in order to achieve this, it´s important to apply the latest trends in the operational processes, this will help the company to be more productive and profitable.

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5 Trends in Warehouse Management

  • Global approach, operations/logistics managers need to respond with innovations that quickly generate and deliver ideas where and when they are needed.

  • JIT “Just in Time”, inventory control in real-time and planning of goods.

  • Data storage in the supply chain, by 2020 there will be 21 billion IOT´s connected, which means the WMS has to evolve to keep up with the market.

  • Integration, technology has become more sophisticated it has facilitated the integration of different tools to accommodate the entire workflow of the warehouse, making employees have faster access to data and changed the search process on many logistics platforms.

  • Race for the last mile, the final delivery of goods from the distribution center to the store or the consumer’s front door. The Omni-Channel Channel has greatly increased demand for last-mile resources.

Discover how a logistics partner like Amerisa Logistics can support your warehouse needs so that your company can focus in it´s core business.

¿Does your company have the right logistic service to face the future? It´s time to act, the world moves at a fast pace, the first step is to go with the experts to guide you along the way and take that leap to new technologies that will give your company a place in the future.



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