The business world has a very competitive environment, which is why managers tend to focus on two of their main objectives: satisfy the customer and generate profits. To achieve the second point is necessary the conjunction between providing the best product or service and a good administration that includes the optimization of resources.

Good management requires taking decisions at the right time; A fundamental decision comes in the dilemma of investing to improve the product or the outsourcing of a part of the processes to achieve a greater productivity.

At the present time we look to employ methods and systems that are more profitable; An area to be optimized are the management systems, being the storage a core point to contemplate in the outsourcing so the company can focus its efforts in the continuous improvement of its product.

Benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing logistics and storage provides multiple benefits; For this reason, warehouses need to implement new technologies and a greater range of services that offer competitive advantages such as the use of a WMS, picking, storage, 3PL services, 4PL among others.


In addition to the competitive advantages mentioned previously, entrepreneurs can see other benefits such as saving economic resources and times. 

The savings in economic resources are reflected by having an established cost, not having the tax burden of a greater number of employees, avoiding the maintenance of the facilities or trucks, as well as not having losses of product when securing it; The other factor is that down-times are avoided by waiting for the infrastructure, it is not necessary to look for suppliers or interview for positions, outsourcing can be used at any time without waiting times. To summarize, the company can focus on its core business and leave its work to a logistic operator (OPL), in the hands of experts who can add value to its supply chain.

In the logistical section, Mexico is part of the emerging economies that implement comprehensive logistical initiatives to improve their performance and ranks 54 out of 160 countries according to the report presented by the World Bank Group in 2016.

“Logistical performance in both international trade and internal market is fundamental to the economic growth and competitiveness of the countries” explained Anabel González, Senior Director of the World Bank Group’s Department of Global Trade and Competitiveness Practices.

These are just a few elements that need to be considered to choose the path the company will take to generate greater profits or venture to create the necessary infrastructure to reach the same destination.


Providing innovative and comprehensive solutions for the supply chain with tailored services is part of the vision that Amerisa Logistics has, becoming a trusted partner in Mexico. Amerisa Logistics offers logistics services to various types of industries, currently specializing in the following:

  • High Tech
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Raw Materials

To offer the adequate support in these four sectors it has warehouses in different parts of the country, one of the main ones is in Tultitlán at the north of the State of Mexico, is in an important industrial zone, with a warehouse AAA of 6,300 m² with a height of 14 m; Has roads to the exterior Mexican circuit and Lopez Portillo Avenue.

In addition, it has a WMS with integration to ERP’s, bar codes readers, CCTV, alarms of immediate reaction; 6 loading platforms with leveling ramps, ramp for access of medium range units, racks with capacity of 1 ton per level and up to 10 levels in height. This is only part of the infrastructure Amerisa Logistics makes available to their customers to provide logistics services.

¿Does your company have the right logistic service to face the future? It´s time to act, the world moves at a fast pace, the first step is to go with the experts to guide you along the way and take that leap to new technologies that will give your company a place in the future.



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