When we refer to 3PL we talk about outsourcing some process within our organization, to hire an expert who can and has experience within the area of the logistics process that we may need to attend.

Sometimes we do not have the right time to be able to take the learning curve or on the other hand,   the technological elements in terms of infrastructure are better for a certain task.

If you have a team completely focused on the development of a product that is constantly combining areas for improvement, where administration, finance and marketing are constantly in search of better customer service and attention, you are an ideal candidate to outsource your logistics processes.

3PL Logistics is a third concept of a chain of predecessors such as 1PL, when logistics are not outsourced, that is, all processes are carried out internally, this usually happens in small organizations that have just carried out demand studies or product tests in the market.

2PL, involves only outsourcing some logistics functions that could be hiring a transport driver just to make deliveries in a timely manner, while 3PL, is when definitely all logistics processes, from storage and distribution will be assumed by a third party, with the aim of maintaining internal processes.

Considering outsourcing can save a lot of time and money, because as we already mentioned our company may not be ready to handle these processes and much less the costs that some logistics processes entail.

Outsourced logistics processes or 3PL they are not something new, in fact, large e-commerce industries use them precisely to save costs and operational processes, however, outsourcing, also requires some internal control that needs to be established before, you must always consider the previous processes and response to customers at the time that any order or order comes to be returned, have a constant communication with the third partner to be able to respond in a way you will see the client.