During the last year we began with reflections and conclusions about the behavior of the economy, in terms of e-commerce we have seen an unprecedented acceleration, during 2020 and 2021 this modality of commerce in Mexico grew 81% compared to 2019. In total sales figures, an amount of $ 316 billion pesos was reached, which represents 9% of total retail.

In a single day, a smartphone user draws the ideal online purchase line; In the morning he looks for products for sale according to his interests, in the afternoon he evaluates and outlines his options, finally at night he converts by making a purchase.

These indicators make us reflect on the areas of opportunity for improvement, and that in many cases it is not only an economic investment, but also the implementation of processes aimed at making other existing processes more efficient.

What strategies could you pay attention to and invest in? We will focus on Omnichannel

As we know it is the ability to sell products on many channels and platforms at once, but offering a uniform shopping experience everywhere; a deeper approach is to understand that it refers to the relationship and knowledge of our ideal customer in a 360-degree view to be able to serve him and offer him what he needs in an almost infinite attention mode.

Why is omnichannel essential? The user increasingly manages a greater number of channels and consults them simultaneously when making purchases through digital means (and even when visiting physical stores). According to Harvard Business Review, 73% of consumers make their purchases by combining several channels. ROBOs (Research Online, Buy Offline) have also proliferated: consumers who make inquiries online but buy in a physical store.

So an omnichannel sales strategy with an adequate logistics chain can help a company obtain important benefits such as:

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Improve brand recall
  • Increase in income

For a correct execution of this strategy, the company or brand must offer the same information, aesthetics and promotions in all channels so that the customer perceives the process as unique and can enjoy all the company’s information regardless of the channel it comes from.

An Omnichannel strategy, therefore, consists of delivering products to the customer through any possible channel, is driving a rethinking and rebranding of all business areas from marketing and merchandising, to ordering, fulfillment and reverse logistics.

Importance of Omnichannel Logistics

The importance of the Omnichannel strategy starts from a guarantee that the company must assure customers that they can buy from any location, at any time and have the item in their hands in a short period of time.

The logistics chain and supply chains are the backbone of every Omnichannel strategy. They are the key enablers to deliver personalized service and fulfillment consistently and cost-effectively.

This strategy also enables retailers to achieve visibility and inventory optimization across all processes and meet customer expectations for increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Another important point for companies implementing an Omnichannel strategy is that when a customer wants to buy an out-of-stock product in store, they will need the ability to quickly deliver the product from another location. The agility and speed with which a warehouse management system works allows the shipment to be completed in the expected time. This operation can only be improved with a Cross-Dock system.

When your operation grows at an accelerated pace, having outsourced support for integral logistics and distribution can make the difference in terms of the rating that your users will give you at the end of the purchase associated with their user experience.

Some of the main advantages of Omnichannel logistics:

  • End-to-end process visibility of your logistics chain
  • Reduced order delivery times
  • Improved collaboration between warehouses and retail outlets
  • Greater control over the KPI’s you are managing in your strategy
  • Improvements in inventory management
  • Improvements in IT processes and their integration between the various systems
  • Optimization of risk management


Having a vision of integrated logistics in your e-commerce will give you alternatives to improve each stage of the online purchase, the selection of suppliers that will support you should be well structured, and based on strengths that add value to your processes and your business, in AMERISA Logistics we share that vision, with well-defined processes we reduce time and costs, turning your logistics into a simple and efficient process; allowing you to focus on your customers improving competitiveness in a dynamic and saturated market.

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