The world in general is evolving by leaps and bounds, especially in the technological plane; as we have previously written, in the logistics industry we must remain current in all aspects,

always looking for integral adaptability.

Adaptability to technological changes has to occur routinely, because innovations can occur from one moment to the next. It is essential to be informed about the
because if we do not keep track of the changes it is very   likely that we are not 100% updated.


E-commerce: a new factor in logistics

The internet came to revolutionize the way of life of the whole world, managing to change even the habits of life of people by integrating new activities. One of the aspects of life that came to modify is the way of buying, going from the traditional way of going to a store to look for what is required to be sitting in the comfort of home or office, make a couple of clicks, fill out some forms and  make our purchase in a matter of minutes.

The so-called e-commerce rethought the way of making purchases, achieving immediacy in the processes, increasingly shortening delivery times to the end user. The giant of the bouquet, 
advances so fast that it can even deliver the product the same day of purchase, which gives us a parameter of the level of progress that exists.

With the above, it is normal that in the logistics industry this new factor brings with it technological implementations and immediacy in their deliveries.

E-commerce offers multiple business opportunities, in addition to various advantages such as:

  • Multichannel distribution
  • Picking
  • Outsourcing
  • Control
  • Cost reduction


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Many digital companies base their operations on three modalities: combined operations in the same facility, shared facilities and dedicated facilities by product segments, andThis in order to efficiently use the supply chain. The main representatives of e-commerce distribute their orders through several facilities to manage in addition to meeting the required times. 

There are several challenges to be able to meet delivery times, one of the most important being the proximity of the locations with the important points of a state, in addition to having a good interconnectivity of the storage centers to facilitate the entire shipping process.

Another challenge that must be followed closely is to face the immediacy of the last mile, which is the most complicated part of the process since it has direct contact with the client. In this case, if the stipulated times are not met, the client’s dissatisfaction occurs, in addition to ruining the work previously done. 

We must remember that this is only the beginning of the future, as e-commerce evolves, the rules of the game will change and the supply chain will play an important role in it.

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