The last mile is the final link between the company and the customer, making it one of the most important processes within the supply chain. The reason is because all the previous work can be impeccable but the fact of failing the customer in time, product condition or any negative situation would cause the disappointment of the service.

The logistics industry with the passage of time and the evolution of new technologies has had to adapt the supply chain in order to adapt to the
of the sector, one of those changes is e-commerce.


The rise of e-commerce has also been beneficial for the industry providing advantages such as: Multichannel distribution, Picking, Outsourcing, Control,and Cost Reduction,if you want to know more about the subject you can click
where you can also read about the key points in logistics.

The largest representatives of e-commerce are always looking for ways to meet the
logistics demand of the last mile,
this through new   technologies as well as outsourcing the process with allies that will help you solve the situation.

Speaking of the giants, Amazon

has made its first delivery through a drone, also launched a facial recognition system that with the help of Amazon Cloud Cam and a lock connected to the internet will give the delivery person access to the customer’s home by scanning the product code, another interesting case is Domino’s Pizza that in Germany are in tests for a robot to make the delivery, although at the moment it is with humans.


Last Mile Challenges

It should also be clarified that the last mile despite the advances, as a result of the   “Challenges of eCommerce – Mexico 2017” has
5 challenges
to improve the Mexican customer experience.

  • Mobile.
  • Omnichannel.
  • Transparency.
  • Strategic Flexibility.
  • Date.


The logistics in the section of the last mile is still in the process of evolution so it is not surprising that in the coming years we will see new trends and solutions as well as a greater pace in immediacy. If you want to know more or require logistics services I invite you to contact an executive by clicking on the button below, that will help you find integral solutions.

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