Amerisa Logistics   has the experience to help any company   in the storage and distributionof food in the   United   States, a market that represents for Mexico an income of 289 billion dollars a year, according to INEGI.

In order for the merchandise of Mexican companies   to be distributed   in the   U.S. market without setbacks   that may damage the reputation of your business,   Amerisa Logistics   has:


Specialized software to have a control of the precise inventories, throughout the logistics process,   avoiding errors in the distribution   of the merchandise to the United States.

Infrastructure:   Modern AAA category warehouses with ambient temperature area, refrigeration chamber and freezing.

Experience: We know the processes   in   the handling of food such assauces, dressings, variety of confectionery, juices, soft drinks and snacks.

We have a network in Mexico and the United States,   so we offer   centralized attention for customs procedures, storage and distribution, allowing efficient communication that guarantees good operational processes.

Safety: We know the value of your merchandise, our warehouse   has surveillance security with closed circuit     system, guards and biometric   accesses. Our transportation units are equipped   with GPS to   have the traceability of your merchandise at all times.
Guarantee:   Our company has certifications from government institutions to guarantee the safety and proper handling   of your food,   such as:

  • NSF International
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
  • Primus GFS
  • Texas Department of State Health Services
  • American Chain of Warehouses

AMERISA LOGISTICS offers you a AAA warehouse   in Texas, United States, inorder to have a competitive advantage in the American   Unionto expand your market and sell   more.   Efficiently your export operations and guarantee the quality of your food with the services we offer:

  • International management and coordination of freight loading
  • Border crossing
  • A single window of attention from the payment of taxes to the extraction of product
  • Door-to-door services
  • Specialized food storage
  • Order assembly
  • Light maquila
  • Transport equipped for food preservation
  • Routes throughout the United States


If you are interested in more information or quote to store and distribute food to the     United States,   contact our AMERISA LOGISTICS experts at this link,

who are willing to collaborate with you and take your company to the next level.